Come Home to YOU Program

 A Yearlong Soulful, Life-changing Program


Do you sometimes feel like wringing your hands?


Do you feel this gnawing ache to get past your old, limiting ways?


Yet, do you find yourself getting stuck in your fears, or your doubts, or your stories, or your beliefs, or other’s expectations, and you yearn to move beyond whatever is holding you back.


You feel the pull to live true to your heart, to listen to your soul’s voice, to be who you crave to be. You hope that there is a way to rise above what hinders you…for you know deep within your soul that…YOU are MORE.

The Come Home to YOU program is your key to unlocking the you, who you crave to be . The true to your heart, Soul-filled …YOU!

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re feeling an emptiness and want to have it filled
  • You’re experiencing a strong pull to be MORE
  • You’re eager and ready, yet not sure how, to move forward or to be who you crave to be
  • You’re studious in your self-growth but you get lost in it all
  • You have a gnawing inner dissatisfaction
  • You hide…afraid of your and others’ expectations
  • You want a mentor, someone who will understand you at the deepest level, someone who will tell you your soulful truth, someone who will hold your hand while giving you true direction

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place and you’re MORE than you know.

You feel Gloria’s gift from the first time you speak with her. She is so nurturing and kind, backed with her power and the power of the Divine. You just feel it sink in and begin supporting you to change your life. Over the two years I’ve worked with her she has been a mentor and guide through significant personal and spiritual transformation that has impacted my marriage and business – in expansive and fulfilling ways. She has an ability to see deeply into my heart and Soul and with a clarity that is unmatched, she reflects back for me the wisdom my Divinity has to share. Quite simply, when you’re ready, she will uplift your life in miraculous ways.

Judith Manriquez

Mastery Teacher and Coach

What you receive from the Come Home to YOU Program:

  • You’ll experience self –acceptance, which is the key to unlocking whatever is keeping you from being the true you
  • Your need to prove your worthiness will lessen and you’ll relax into life
  • Your seed of greatness will sprout, blossom, and grow (the greatness you’ve been craving to let out!)
  • You’ll receive and know you have the tools you need to live life to the fullest
  • Your self-love will ring true in your heart
  • Your aspirations will take a front seat and you’ll reach new heights
  • You’ll begin believing then living the truth of you
  • You’ll feel and know what it means to Come Home to YOU


Through my gift of Soulful Connecting I will tell you, doused with love, exactly what you need. I will give you the security of not being judged and the strength to consistently move forward into your soul truth (your highest truth). And I will not let your fears, doubts, and beliefs, stop me from soulfully assisting you through everything that is holding you back from coming home to YOU! Coming home to the you…who you crave to be…


In the Come Home to YOU Program you’ll receive:

  • 2 sixty minute sessions per month (24 total sessions)
  • Supportive emails
  • Other resources such as books, handouts, etc.
  • A written blessing to enhance your growth
  • A holding and expanding of your energy in my daily prayers
  • FREE tuition to any on-line or conference call classes throughout the year
  • Gloria’s eBook – The Art of Power, How to Change Your Life Through the Power of Love
  • Bonus – A gifted 60 min. session for someone of your choice

Your investment in the program is $12,000.

We begin with a conversation.