My Heart to God’s Heart

my heart to God's heartTo open to prayer is to open the door to God’s love, wisdom and power.

As we bask in this partnership we experience the key to happiness, harmony and peace. The following prayers are a doorway to engage in a holy partnership

Each set of prayers begin with a poem to introduce the upcoming theme. Each prayer ends with an affirmation of truth. The affirmations are a direct and simple way to incorporate the prayers into your daily life.

Each prayer is designed to be heart-fully felt so you may want to breathe deeply while reading the prayer of your choice and feel its meaning penetrate into the heart of your being. Each prayer is written to turn your attention on God, the giver of all good.

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The Spotted Sheep

books.4Imagine reading a story that fires you up to:

• Live your life YOUR way
• Be who YOU are meant to be
• Listen to your SELF
• Love YOURSELF just the way you are

The Spotted Sheep shares the great truth for all time, the truth of listening to one’s own heart and being one’s Most High Self.

Price: $7.99

The Well-Kept Lie, a short story

the Well kept LieJulia forges ahead with head-strong control and vowing to never look back; she turns toward the long journey … the journey of another life.

As she weaves the fibrous web of her tightly-held secret, Julia ‘wills,’ at any or all cost, to live each day in the shadow of her well-kept lie. Although by the light of day Julia’s life takes on the air of happiness and success, by night when all is quiet, her past flies in the darkness and robs her slippery peace. A piercing razor-sharp pain in her chest wakes her. Hand to chest she sits up and begins rocking. As the past engraves itself into her present, Julia thrusts a pillow to her face. And screams. She understands the life-saving remedy is something she cannot afford to give, the truth. Paperback.

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The Forecast: Will They Live Honorably Ever After?

books.3Bella couldn’t remember a time when her heart didn’t yearn for the Great Ocean. She had never been afraid here in her place of refuge, her place of freedom, her place of the heart. Until… The Powers of Nature blazon the skies with a vision of tidal waves. Now twenty-two year old Bella must confront her people and try to save them from a catastrophic annihilation. Will they believe her? Will they listen to and obey the plain instructions from the Powers of Nature? Will they come together in harmonious cooperation or will they lodge a wedge thicker than community? What will be the fate of the villagers?


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The ThiefThe Thief by Gloria Boysal

There was once a conniving S.O.B. who would steal the shirt off of his best friend’s back. So when the opportunity arose to swindle a rich widow, he, like a spider spinning its web, spun a whopper of a lie around the widow. So tight was the web of lies she couldn’t begin to unscramble the webbed maze. With the lies set in stone, the conniver makes off with her fortune of jewels, merely to find them taken from him.

$7.99 Paperback  ·  5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″  ·  44 pages

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