Blessings of Truth - Group Connecting Session

My gift is seeing deeply into your soul…

…what others would probably never see in you…

…and sharing with you exactly what you most need to hear to…


Move beyond whatever is holding you back

Let go of your fears

Bring ease and comfort into your situation

Experience the relief of hearing the truth

Release your unwanted, limiting beliefs and patterns

Deepen your self-love and your self-acceptance

Receive practical, doable steps for your continued growth

A group session offers an opportunity for friends or family to gather and for each person to ask a question that they yearn to have soulfully answered.


Questions may vary, anything goes, even asking to speak with a deceased loved one.


Available to groups of 2 or more.


Group Session Fee: $300, for up to 4 people
Add $75 for each additional person

I love to be in her presence through her group calls – Gloria exudes much peace, freedom, compassion, joy, and spiritually-inspired productivity. Blockages that come from old experiences and thinking patterns get cleared, allowing new energy and ways of doing things to be far more fruitful than they otherwise are. As she works with each person, there are invaluable, on-target insights and tools for all who are participating.

Vivien A.

After listening to several of Gloria’s shows on Blog Talk, I decided to call in.  What I like about her guidance is that she really gets to the core of the issue.  A person can get general advice and counsel forever, without making progress.  But Gloria helps you to go right to where the problem begins and ends so you can get understanding and lasting healing.  My private sessions with her have helped me get clear about what’s bothering me as well as given me concrete steps to take toward turning things around. I highly recommend sessions with Gloria to help you through your issues and questions.