Ever try to change an unwanted feeling or behavior only to find you’re caught in it and can’t let it go?

Ever feel as if you’re at your wit’s end?

Please, don’t give up hope yet, there is a way to change your unwanted behavior.

I find when working with clients, and with myself, it isn’t the behavior that actually keeps us stuck.

It’s the judgement of the behavior.

When you think thoughts that make you feel bad about you, make you feel ‘less than’, you are thinking   judgmental thoughts.

They can sneak up on you. So you’ll need to watch out for them.

Here’s a few judgmental thoughts I hear from clients:

“I can’t believe I’m still learning this!”

“I thought by now I’d have grown past this!”

“I’m such a slow learner.”

“Can you believe me?!”

“I’ll never get it.”

“There’s no hope for me.”

“It isn’t in the cards for me.”

Friend, judgmental thoughts will always keep you stuck.

That’s why I made this video to help you let go of your judgements.

Please watch to discover how you can let go of your judgements and change those unwanted behaviors.

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P.S. More on letting-your-judgements-go on the next video.

P.P.S. If you have friends, clients or colleagues who you know judge themselves, please forward this video. 🙏 It only takes a few seconds!

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