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I’m so grateful you’re on my list. Thank YOU for taking the time to read my blogs.

Dearest, the message you’re about to read is close to my heart.

As you read the following words please know they’re truly as heartfelt as they get.

They are not intended for all.

You will know if they are intended for you.

In prayer/meditation I heard that Mother Mary will be leading the VIP Soul Quest that I’ll begin in June.

She has much to say about the quest.

Following are her words.

From Mother Mary…

Those who have asked to work with you at the level of the Soul Quest will receive the life-giving missing piece.

The piece that will take them to the exaltation of Higher Living.

The Higher Living in the Spirit of their Presence.

The Presence that sits within their beingness.

The Presence that is love without condition.

The Presence that overrides, when allowed, doubts, worries, fears, and everything that impedes.

The Presence of those who have asked for such an experience is strong and ready and willing to surrender to the wantings of her heart.

The asking Presence is eager to experience herself.

Some will question if they have what it takes to be a part of a journey led by their Presence.

Let them question!

You Gloria will hold your own Presence to such a degree that you will have what it takes to move them through their doubts.

As you move them through their doubts your own doubts will fade away.

Their doubts, and yours, are based on false conclusions of self.

Doubts will have no strength!

Make no mistake about it, they have asked!

And Gloria you have answered.

They’ll know if they asked because they’ll feel a pull, a longing, or a sense of it being them. The sense may feel scary, the sense may feel uncomfortable especially in their stomach region, or the sense may feel like a flutter of excitement.

Those who have asked may be sitting on the fence, but they are to be aware that if they’ve asked, and they do not adhere to their asking…they’ll have regrets.

For they know without assistance they will flounder.

Of course, they will be okay, but being okay is not what they’re wanting.

They want to THRIVE!

They want to LIVE!

They want to LISTEN!

They want to surrender to their PRESENCE!!

Friend, as I wrote from Mother Mary I felt her immense love and her indomitable strength.

I’ve often thought of her as love, but now I understand her strength. WHEW! She is a powerhouse!

When, without asking, but thinking….is Mother Mary the right Ascended Master for the VIP soul quest…?

She responded, “I spearheaded Jesus. Do you not think I can spearhead a quest? Piece of cake…”

If you’re one of those who have asked for this VIP Soul Quest I give you my solemn oath that I will surrender to my Presence and Mother Mary’s spearheading of this course.

I’m all in, are you?

If I’m talking to you…

Email me at to set up a mini phone session to discover why you asked for the VIP Soul Quest, and how the quest will lead you into your Presence.

With all my Love and Appreciation,


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