Ever feel trapped inside your own mind?

As if your mind were in control of you, as if you’re powerless over your mind’s delusions…

Believe it or not, YOU are in control of your mind.

You are – the MASTER of your thoughts!

Stick with me here, don’t turn a deaf ear just because the idea of being in control of your thoughts sounds deceptively fairy-tale like.

Believe me when I say…you’re not alone, most of us, if not all of us, at one time or another feel imprisoned by our thoughts. The truth is we all have fearful and doubtful thoughts.

The question is… do we tame our demons, or do we indulge them?

Friend, I’m here to tell you that without a doubt, you can tame your demons.

You can experience Mind Freedom.

You can be – Master of YOUR thoughts.

To commit to taming those unwanted thoughts you’ll need to let go of the idea that it takes a lot of work. Who wants more work?

If instead, you’ll lock onto the idea that what it really takes is embracing your love for you, you’ll find you tame your demons with ease. Afer all, who doesn’t want more love?

So are you in? Are you ready to embrace your love for you and reclaim back your power?

Are you ready for a practice that if you choose to commit to (embrace your love for you) will make you the Master of your thoughts?

If so, here’s some loving steps to, kindly yet firmly, assist you in being the Master of your thoughts: (Note – I’ve adapted these steps from Busting Loose from the Money Game, a book by Robert Scheinfeld.)

You may want to use your own words for greater impact.

*State the Truth of Who you are:

I AM a Powerful Divine Creation of the Almighty.

* To your unwanted thoughts state with conviction:

You are not real!

You are a creation of my consciousness.

You’re completely made up!

You have no power!

* Now reclaim your power:

I reclaim my power from this creation now!

*FEEL your Power come back to you:

As I reclaim my power I feel it surging through me.

As I feel it surging through me, I feel myself expanding more and more into who I really am. (really feel this)

I AM the Thinker of my thoughts.

I AM Divine, and I have Divine Power running through me.

I AM a Powerful Divine Creation of the Almighty.

*Appreciate what a magnificent Creator you are:

I appreciate how amazing I am to create, and convince myself, that this thought is real.

I appreciate what a magnificent Creator I AM!

I appreciate how amazing my creation was.

I suggest that you copy the steps down, maybe on index cards, and carry them with you.

Please know that I, along with some of my clients are using this process with amazing success.

Dearest, if you truly take this practice to heart and commit to it, you’ll feel more and more FREE. You’ll feel like you are, because you will be, the Master of your thoughts.

I know you can be FREE, and I’m here to support your FREEDOM.

To your FREEDOM…

With all my love,


P.S. Is there a thought that you’re ready to break free from? What happens when you practice with these steps? I would love to hear from you.

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