Do you consider yourself a compassionate person?

Check out my Barrier Breaking message on Compassion:

Compassion is under rated: Compassion is an act of understanding without judgment. It is not an act of bemoaning along with someone, (or with oneself) but an act of holding a non-judgmental heart. To show compassion, simply stated, is to reach out a hand with love and not with insult.

So do you reach out a hand with love?

Do you let go of right and wrong, or good or bad opinions with your loved ones?

What about for YOU? Do you show compassion for yourself?

Ever consider that having compassion for yourself may be as important as having compassion for others?

Dearest, pause here a moment. Do you show compassion for yourself?

Compassion is soft and tender, compassion is kind and gentle, compassion is grace and mercy.

Friend, I consider myself a compassionate person.

In fact, before teaching Breaking FREE from your Barrier’s course I would have told you I’m deeply dedicated to being a compassionate person, with myself and with others.

After all, I listen deeply and soulfully, I feel for others and myself when in distress, I’m eager to lend a helping hand, I send love to the world, and I’m quick to try and lovingly understand my own behavior.

But here’s the scoop, as I teach Breaking FREE from Your Barriers course, a course based on Compassion, I’m seeing all the ways I’m NOT compassionate.

Little did I know how often those judgmental thoughts invade my peace of mind. They sneakily come, sometimes as quiet as a whisper, and other times, they come as loudly as an outcry.

Can you believe she’s judging those people! Oh my, who dressed you this morning!? I sure don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to technology! Why is keeping my weight down so difficult!

Just to name a few of my judgmental thoughts, those thoughts devoid of compassion… Those thoughts that don’t feel good.

But guess what? I’m so grateful for my awareness of my judgmental thoughts.

Because…if I label myself as bad or wrong for having those judgmental thoughts, if I allow myself to feel guilty about them, then I’m setting myself up to stay stuck in my judgments! 

Friend, to really step in the shoes of compassion, to reach out a hand with love and not with insult, toward ourself and others, we have to be willing to take the first step and…

NOT judge our judgmental thoughts.

So…the next time you find yourself aware of your judgmental thoughts, kindly and gently, ask yourself one of these questions:

  • How would compassion think?

  • What would compassion do?

  • How would compassion respond?

Think, do, or respond as compassion and you’ll embrace the feeling of love and understanding.

A good feeling indeed!

With all my love,


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