Gloria helps you go right to where the problem begins and ends so you can get understanding and lasting healing.” Dymond

Gloria has changed my life in many glorious ways! Her gift of connection is priceless and beyond words.” Susan

Because of working with Gloria I now I have more peace of mind and ability to hear my inner voice instead of getting pulled this way and that by my emotions or by others.” Malian

I find Gloria’s work is exceptional. It is profound yet gentle.” Karen

Working with Gloria allowed me to Break Down Walls I unintentionally built around my heart after experiencing the pain of losing loved ones. “ Dr. Nikki Reed Wilson

Gloria has helped me transform my life. I am more connected to God/Spirit and my life is one of peace and calm. She is an amazing, amazing vessel of God.” Linda Davenport

The insight and transformation I received from her guidance are invaluable. I have much gratitude.” Jeanne Zack PhD, RN, CIC FAPIC

Break FREE from Your Barriers

Break Free from Your Barrier’s course breaks through your painful barriers to your delightful freedom.

Break FREE from Your Barriers is a 9 week program with all the personalized support you need, weekly group supportive calls, weekly teaching videos or audios, weekly barrier-breaking assignments, and unlimited email personalized support.

Course begins this coming week.

Your investment to Break Through Your painful Barriers to your delightful freedom is one payment of $1200 or 3 payments of $465.

Payment links:


  • Class Begins: January 22nd and goes through March 23rd.

  • Weekly Group Supportive Calls: Thursdays at 7 PM Central (Will be recorded)

  • Weekly audio or video Instruction: Mondays at 8 AM Central (Will be recorded and sent to you)

  • Unlimited email support

  • Weekly Barrier Breaking opportunities

Bonus: Gloria’s E-book – Art of Power

To your FREEDOM…

With all my love and appreciation,


P.S. A Barrier Breaking message for your freedom:

Sitting on the fence: If you stall when you know to move…you choose sitting on the fence, an uncomfortable place to sit.

If you convince yourself that you are waiting until you build your courage, you may find yourself waiting for a long time, possibly indefinitely.

All the non-action in the world will not build on your courage. Courage comes from taking action.

To be courageous you must choose to take action, and you will find that with each action step you take your courage builds.

Do you really want to sit on the fence?”

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