Have you ever tried to explain an old habit…It’s just the way I am.

Have you ever felt resigned to your life…This is the way my life is.

Have you ever held onto an on-going issue (with a relationship, health, money, weight, etc.)…It’s always been this way.

Friend, those are excuses and excuses keep you stuck.

Yep, we’ve all done it, at one time or another, we’ve made an excuse.

Why do we make excuses when we know that by making changes our life will be better.

My experience with myself, and with my clients, has brought me to the understanding that excuses stem from a host of fears: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of change, fear of embarrassment, fear of responsibility, fear of being made wrong, fear of messing up…the list of fears go on.

I know all about holding onto a fear because I’ve held onto the fear of technology. Anything to do with learning about my website, iphone, even Facebook seems beyond me. Why have I held onto this fear?

I decided to get to the bottom of my fear. So while meditating I asked, Where does this fear come from? Immediately I saw a memory of using my former husband’s computer. Guess what? It crashed!!

I was horrified! I felt 100% responsible for the crash.

No wonder I’m afraid of technology. I fear I’ll mess everything up and lose my creations. (Or someone else’s)

The question is, will I hang onto that fear and have to keep relying on others to get things done?

Or will I break through my excuse by moving through my fear and take back my power?

Hmmm…Which would you do?

Would you keep your feeling of powerlessness? Or would you move through your fear and take back your power?

I choose to break through. I choose power!

So here’s what I’ll do to break through my excuse and move through my fear: (And what you can do too!)

  • Let go of judging my (your) excuses by looking at my (your) excuse/fear with eyes of compassion. (After all, I did it to try and protect my work. And you did it to take care of some kind of need.)

  • Go back to the memory and create a new one the way I wished it would have been, and relive it over and over again until I FEEL that the new image is true in my heart. (Create a story/image of you succeeding)

  • Begin learning technology one baby step at a time, and while learning it talk calmly and lovingly to myself: It’s okay you can learn this. It’s okay if you make a mistake. You’re doing the best you can. (You too can take baby steps.)

Friend, to break through your excuses you must believe you can overcome your fears.

First and foremost, you have to be willing to not judge yourself! Any self-judgement will only keep you stuck in your fear (your excuse).

If you’ll look for the reason you have the fear…believe me you have one…it will be easier to let go of your judgement.

Once you let go of your judgment you can begin the process of moving through your fear, of breaking through your excuse.

As Marcus Aurelius, Meditations said, “If you are pained by external things, it is not they that disturb you, but your own judgement of them. And it is in your power to wipe out that judgement now.”

So dear-heart, are you ready to wipe out your judgement, to break through your excuse and move through your fear…and take back your POWER?

If you would like some assistance in breaking through, in regaining your power…

I have the course for you.

Break FREE from Your Barriers gives you exactly what you need to, once and for all, move beyond anything and everything that keeps you stuck.

With Break FREE from Your Barriers you’ll let go of whatever keeps you from living a free life. A life where you wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, peace in your heart, and eager expectancy for the awaiting possibilities.

Gloria’s program is unique because Gloria has the gift of hearing at a deep, soul level and from the Higher Realms.You don’t get a band aid on your pain. You get real solutions that create real changes.

Words cannot express the immense amount of appreciation for the personal growth I experience working with Gloria. She lovingly opens my soul and guides it with the truth of who I am to continually make sure I am aligned with my highest expression.” Jane Winch (from type A to type Peace)

Ready for a break through?

Email me at gloriaboysal@gmail.com and I’ll set up your FREE 15 minute consultation to experience soulful assistance and discover what the Breaking Through Your Barriers course can do for you.

Thank you for being here with me.

With all my love and appreciation,


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