She fears death.

So I ask, “What is it you are wanting to do you’re not doing?”

She responds, “Aaaa…,” followed with a nervous laugh.

I probe deeper, “What are you waiting to do?

I can feel her desire to disappear. She doesn’t want to face what she believes is too much for her to want, to do, to have.

I pave the way for her nervous system to calm down. I talk about her successes, she begins to relax. I continue with her demonstrations of strength.

I feel her power coming back. I get her talking about her accomplishments, about overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles.

With a light, playful tone I say, “So what is that thing you’ve been wanting to do?”

She laughs, and proceeds to share her heartfelt dream.

Now we can get on with the business of moving through her fear of death.


By getting her to LIVE!

Friend, it’s in the not-living that weighs our hearts down with fear of death.

Do you find yourself saying things like – I wish I could, I would like to do that, one day maybe, someday I will.

DEAREST, please ask yourself, what haven’t I done in life I want to do?

The not-living is the real fear.

If you need to build on your courage and move through your fear of fully living — revisit your life.

Look at what you’ve already been through, what you’ve accomplished, and what seemingly impossible obstacles you overcame.

Write it all down. Breathe it in. Ruminate about it.

You’ll find you have been surprisingly strong.

Dispel your fear of death by making it a daily habit of noticing when you say things like:

  • I wish I could
  • That will have to wait
  • One day I’ll
  • Maybe someday I’ll get to
  • I would like to do this but
  • It’s on my bucket list


Give yourself what you wish for, do that thing you’re afraid to do. (Revisit your previous accomplishments daily if need be.)

When you deaden your joy of living your fear of death looms.

LIVEand you dispel your fear.

With all my love and gratitude,


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