She has, what most would consider, a life-threatening disease.

In tears she quietly mutters, as if what she’s about to say is an improbable wish, “I want a quality life.”

As she stares blankly with tired, droopy eyes, she let’s out a hopeless breath and wearily bemoans, “I’m tired of living with pain.”

Then she leans forward, chest out and head up, she retorts, “I don’t want to take more medications!”

I tune into a place deep within her. I listen, and I hear her wound, her long-held belief – Pain is life itself!

Holy, Moley!!

No wonder this dear-heart is in so much pain. How could she not be!

Her long-held childhood belief set up a trajectory of a life filled with pain.

As I share the truth of why she’s living with so much pain, I can feel her fearful question…Is there any hope for me?


There’s always hope!

You can turn around your childhood hurts (long-held beliefs) and create a high-quality life.

You can reroute old feelings into new feelings.

What does it take?

  1. Acceptance: of the truth there is always hope, regardless of how deep the pain is or how long you’ve had it
  2. Willingness: to get to the real issue.
  3. Love: Letting go of judgment and healing your pain with compassion.

You may think it’s too scary or too difficult to get to the real issue.

But what’s scarier…to live in pain, or to lovingly move through the pain and experience what’s on the other side of it?

Joseph Campbell states the beautiful truth:

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

What about YOU?

Are you suffering?

If you are, can you accept there’s hope, and move through your pain with compassion?

If you’re ready and want some help, I’d love to assist you.

Together we will get to the real issue, move through your pain with love and compassion, and give you the quality life that you so deserve.

My promise is – if you’re willing to show up and do the healing assignments – you will hold the treasure you seek.

I have 1 opening left this year for my 8 month program, which will be tailored to meet your specific needs. (I’m closing this offer within 2 weeks.)

Ready? Email me at and we’ll set up some time to chat about it.

Back to my friend…today she’s filled with hope and feels better than she has felt in a long time.

She’s doing the healing assignments, and she looks forward to life getting better and better.

She now knows she can have a quality life.

Do you know you can?

I thank you for being here with me.

In deep appreciation,



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