Do you push?

I often encounter when working with folks their need to push.

They want to do everything NOW!

They want to heal NOW!

They want to be successful NOW!

They want to get it NOW!

You’ve probably heard the bible quote – To everything there is a season…

Yet how many times do you push to try and make things happen before its time?

Why do you feel the need to push?

What are you afraid of?

Afraid if you don’t push you won’t heal? Or be successful? Or get it?

Hey, I’m all for healing in the present and doing what can be done. I’m all for making progress.

But…I understand that growth, healing, learning, is a step by step process. And everyone has their unique way of going through their process.

Everyone has their own unique, natural rhythm.

To try and go against one’s natural rhythm is much like trying to play skipping stone with a huge boulder.You work at it, and work at it…but you’re left feeling unsuccessful! No matter how many times you try to get it to skip, it sinks.

However, to follow one’s natural rhythm is more like having the perfect size stone to play with. You throw it with ease, in fact, it’s practically effortless. And…you feel so successful as you watch it skip across the water and bounce off with numerous glorious ripple effects.

Friend, you don’t have to work hard, you just have to follow your own rhythm.

Without doubt, you can feel when you’re going against your rhythm. You feel it as struggle, as harsh, as pain, as anxiety.

Believe me when I tell you that YOU can follow your natural rhythm. I’m proof of it, and so are my clients.

I’ve been following my natural rhythm for years, and I make steady progress at my own speed. As I watch my clients follow theirs, what a difference in their lives! When I get them to trust and accept their personal, unique rhythms, they’re more peaceful, they’re happier, and they’re successful!

To follow your natural rhythm, it’s imperative that you accept your own unique way of going through your step by step process.

In order to accept your natural rhythm, you’ll have to relax and trust in your process.

Trust that you are growing and will continue to grow in your unique, natural rhythm.

A rhythm that’s most HONORING to you.

So how do you go about accepting and trusting your natural rhythm?

First – With gentle daily reminders of truth: (Say out loud if alone.)

  • I am healing.
  • I am growing.
  • I am getting it.
  • I have plenty of time.
  • I am committed to my growth.
  • I can trust my process.

Second – Revisit your past and write down evidence, such as:

  • Ways I have healed
  • What I’ve grown past or grown into
  • What I’ve understood
  • How time has been on my side
  • Times I’ve been committed
  • The successful outcome of times when I trusted myself
  • (Read as often as you need reassurance.)

Third – Breathe and notice:

  • Notice where you feel your doubt, your worry, your fear, your mind chatter in your body.
  • Breathe with the intention of breathing into your body wherever you’re holding your discordant thoughts and emotions.
  • Breathe until you feel you’ve neutrilized the thought or emotion.

Fourth – Give gratitude:

  • When you notice your doubts, fears etc. coming up
  • When you stop to remind yourself of the truth and breathe deeply through your discomfort
  • For your commitment to your growth
  • For your unique natural rhythm

You can do it!

You can follow your unique, natural rhythm!

You will be successful!

As Terri Guillemets says, “When you dance to your own rhythm, life taps its toes to YOUR BEAT.”

Want some help moving to your unique natural rhythm?

My promise is – if you’re willing to show up and do the healing assignments – you will move with your unique rhythm, you will be successful!

I have 1 opening left this year for my 8 month program, which will be tailored to meet your specific needs. (I’m closing this offer within 1 week.)

Ready to move forward with ease? Email me at and we’ll set up some time to chat about it.

Thank you for being here with me.

I appreciate YOU.

With all my love,


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