Ever feel like there’s something you just can’t learn.

Not a good feeling!

I know that feeling all too well.

The moment my business coach wants me to learn how to do anything technical, the crippling effect of my I can’t learn anything technical belief leaves me frozen in fear.


I’ve been holding onto my limiting belief – I’m not capable of learning anything to do with technology, specifically with the ins and outs of creating my on-line business – for way too long.

Thank goodness, I understand my emotional reaction is not only counter-productive, it’s also a way I relinquish my own power.

I’m grateful I know – it’s better to be a little (or a lot) scared than to close the door to your power.

I’m also grateful for my willingness to listen…to myself, and to Judith, my savvy business coach. (By the way, my willingness to listen is taking back my power.)

It was during meditation (listening) I heard to label my notebook – I can learn anything.

I also heard to repeat (minute to minute if necessary) what I’m now calling my take-back-power-statement – I can learn anything – until I feel it with soulful convinction.

Then I’m to revist my memories and not only think about (reexperience) all that I’ve learned, I’m also to record them in my I can learn anything notebook.

Believe me when I tell you, I need to see, hear, and repeat, my take-back-power-statement...I can learn anything, on a daily (sometimes minute to minute) basis.

Next comes listening to my coach, Judith.

Judith, in her knowing way, suggested I begin looking at my website and my other business outlets as my business home.

She knows I love every aspect of decorating…finding the perfect wall color, creating table vignettes, searching for the ideal picture to hang.

So she cleverly prompted me to go through my website and see each page as a room I get to decorate.

Friend, I’m not going to claim that since listening to both myself and Judith that I now feel the fullness of my power with the technical aspect of my business.

That is, not yet.

However, as I repeat outloud throughout my day – I can learn anything – I find myself smiling and feeling more confident, and as I revist and record all that I’ve learned I hear myself automatically saying, I can learn anything, look at what I’ve learned already.

My mindset is changing.

By taking attention off of a limiting belief and directing it toward an empowering belief your mindset naturally begins changing.

And as I look at my website as my home – wow! A game-changer perspective, indeed!

By replacing your usual perspective with a creative perspective (making a comparison using something you love…gardening, tennis, painting), you spark your creativity.

Friend, I encourage you to…

  • Find your own take-back-power-statement.
  • Say your powerful statement outloud repeatly until you feel it deep in your soul.
  • Revisit your accomplishments to build your confidence.
  • Record those accomplishments in a special notebook.
  • Replace your usual perspective with a creative perspective.

Dearest, these simple yet powerful tweeks in perspective can truly bring you from a state of powerlessness to powerfulness.

Enjoy being powerful!

Thanks for being here with me.

I appreciate YOU!

With all my love,


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