A client has an issue that she has felt imprisoned by.

With the excitement and freedom of a young child she says, “Gloria, I don’t know what happened, but I see everything differently!”

I feel the change within her. It’s deep. It’s real. And it’s lasting.

What happened?

What created this change that seems to have appeared suddenly?

How did she shift her feelings of imprisonment to feelings of freedom?

Simply…she was READY for it.

You may be asking, but how did she get READY?

Well, some would say, she got ready by doing the internal work.

But I say, she got ready by being in a real love affair with herself.

Sometimes a client will say to me, “Gloria, that’s going to take a whole lot of


After I giggle a little, I respond, “It’s going to take a whole lot of love.”

Remember the verse about how the lilies grow…They neither toil nor spin…

Yet they grow so beautifully!

You see friend, it’s not toiling that gets us ready for a freeing experience.

It’s the power of our own love.

So dearest, if you yearn to be READY – I urge you to discover:

There is no bottom to the depth of your capacity for self-love.

A little Plain Truth wisdom on the matter:

Life’s tool box is called Love:

Ever feel like you don’t have the correct tools to live an extraordinary life? Believe it or not… the only tool you really need to soar the heights… is Love. You may possess many talents, be smart as a whip, be a model of beauty, but if you don’t possess Love within, you will search far and wide for the perfect life-soaring-tool yet fail to find it. Dig deep if you must… and pull out your toolbox of love, and live your extraordinary life.

How about you? Are you ready?

With all my love and appreciation,


P.S. If you’d like some assistance in being READY then you may want to join some other ready souls at the Highest Expression retreat.

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