Most folks believe their relationships have an end point. They believe that once a person dies the relationship stops.

What if we believed that having a relationship with our loved one continued after death?
What if…?

Think about it.

How would you feel if you KNEW, really knew deep in your gut, that even death wouldn’t keep your loved one from being with you?

How would you feel if you KNEW that your loved one could hear you and see you and respond to you.

I remember when my first husband died I wanted so much to know that he could hear me, see me, and know what was going on in my life. But  because I believed he was dead, in my mind and heart, that meant he couldn’t hear me, or see me, or know anything about my life.

Friend, I know from firsthand experience the loss we can feel when our loved ones make their transition, and how dead they can feel to us. But, I also know from firsthand experience (through hearing and seeing our Other-Side friends) that they exist, they are aware of us, and they are fully living.

I understand that to mourn is the way of most. To seek solace at the time of a loved one’s transition is common. When you can’t see, hear, or touch the one you love, you feel as if their presence is missing and you experience a void.

My hope is that these keys will help lessen the pain of that void, and that you will know, once and for all, that neither the love nor the person dies.

Here they are: the 6 Ways to help you Connect with your Deceased Loved Ones

1. Gently remind yourself of the truth of your deceased loved one’s evolution. The truth is your loved one is not gone. The truth is your deceased has moved on in her or his evolution and is very much aware of you. Breathe in this truth and allow it to take hold in your heart.

2.  Sit quietly, breathe deeply and share with your loved one. Really open up your heart to them. Say everything you’ve been longing to say. You may feel as if you’re having a monologue but your loved one is quite active in your conversation. He or she is listening, and if your loved one feels the need to…will comment or touch you lightly. Even if you don’t sense their presence, know that they’re with you and they hear you.

3. As your falling asleep ask your “departed” loved one to connect with you in your dreams. You can be specific with your requests, for example, I want you to come into my dream state and give me a sign about _____ or  Come into my dream state and tell me about your life now.  Ask for what you want. (Note – it’s important to let go of the results and trust that they’ve heard you and will come into your dreams in the perfect time.)

4. Become aware of signs from them. The signs or signals may be subtle. They may be ethereal, or fleeting, or feel like coincidences. They can come in many forms. Be grateful for whatever form they come in.

5. Breathe deeply and let go of any guilt for what you feel you did or didn’t do to your loved one. If you hold onto guilt you lower your energy. Remember your loved one has moved on to a higher energy. It will be easier for you to connect if you too are holding an energy that’s peaceful and grateful.  Please trust that in the eyes of your deceased ALL is understood and accepted.

6. Reassure yourself that your loved one is okay and doing well. Here’s some solid truth from a deceased father: “Dying is like taking off an old pair of clothing that doesn’t fit properly. Once you shed yourself of the clothing all the restrictions are gone. The only thing left is freedom.”

Friend, I hope these keys have given you the understanding of the eternalness of your deceased. May you know deep within your being that  anyone you love is available to you if you will allow the connection.
May these keys help you in making that connection.

I would love to hear from you. Have you connected with an Other-Side friend? If so, what happened?

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Thanks so much for your time.
I appreciate you.
In love and gratitude,

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