“You believe that you have to work to have a connection with your Source,” I say to my client.

“Yes I do,” she responds.

She goes on to explain that sometimes she feels her connection and sometimes she doesn’t. And that when she doesn’t feel her connection she thinks she’s lost it and has to work to get it back.

You ever feel that way?

Ever feel like you have to work at being connected to your Source?

Ever feel like you’re alone?

Ever feel that no matter how much you try to sense a Presence looking out for you…you simply don’t feel that nurturing Presence.

I believe we’ve all had those moments.

When you believe that you have to work hard to make sure your Source is looking out for you, you create the beliefsometimes I’m connected, sometimes I’m disconnected.

In that disconnected state ALONENESS takes root.

Ever been there? Caught in the hell of aloneness…

 The way out of your hell of aloneness:

    • Begin with the willingness to believe that your Source is always with you. (Where do you think you come from?)
  • When you have the thought I’m alone, or the feelings of being disconnected remind yourself – this is just a thought or this is just a feeling and gently declare – I’m never alone.
  • Breathe deeply from the pit of your belly as much as you need until you feel calm, or you experience a sense of relief.
  • To hold steady to the truth that you’re always connected – daily as you’re falling asleep and/or upon awakening state your truth:


I AM always connected to my Source, or I AM always one with my Source (Use the word that most resonates with you for your Source).

Please take a moment to breathe deeply and read the message from my Higher Self that I call The Plain Truth:

Aloneness is a myth: To believe you are alone is to misunderstand the truth of who you are and who you are connected to. Everyone, without exception, has many aspects to self. You have the physical you, which is but only a small part of who you are. You have the soul of you, which is eternal. You have the God of you, which is also eternal. You also have the kingdom of the Most High, and you have specific celestial light beings working on your behalf at all times. Yes you have a physical family, but you have a much stronger family in the realms of the Most High. A family that loves you…no matter what! A family that knows you like no other, a family that is always in your corner. Alone you may feel, but if you will remind yourself of the truth of you and who you are connected to and accept this truth, you will find your alone feelings subsiding, because aloneness is a myth.

May you always know you’re connected.

With all my love,


P.S. I’m excited to soon share with you new Freebies and new programs.
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