I cut my finger while chopping veggies, a small and deep cut.

Initially I felt frustrated. I had cooking to get done. I didn’t want to slow down to take care of my finger. But the pain of it and the blood oozing from it…couldn’t be ignored.

As my husband was squeezing my finger, then putting New-Skin, liquid bandage on it, I felt the pain even more.

Then when my husband commented on how deep I had cut it, my reactive mind exploded with fear: What if I have to go to the hospital? What if I need stitches or worse? What if it gets infected?

Fortunately, my husband’s calm reassurance, along with a couple of deep breaths, alleviated my fears.

Later that day as I reflected on my reaction toward my finger incident, I saw a correlation between physical pain and emotional pain.

They both begin with frustration and pain, followed by fear.

Friend, I have found that many times we don’t want to slow down enough to take the inner journey into our wholeness and freedom. We, like me with my finger, have things to do!

Too much real external to give time to the elusive internal…

That is until the inner can no longer be ignored because life’s reflections are just too frustrating and too painful.

Once the pain is faced, the fear comes knocking.

The fear may sound something like this:

  • What if I learn something about myself that is hard to look at?
  • What if I need to make changes that I’m not ready for?
  • What if I’m not strong enough to move through my stuck places?
  • Or even worse…what if I’m willing to do the work (or as I like to say, to love myself that big) but nothing changes?

If we listen to all of our fearful what-ifs we may find ourselves overriding our good judgment and slamming the door on ourselves.

But there’s another set of What-ifs that if we allowed ourselves to contemplate could change the course of our lives.

They’re the What-ifs to doors of opportunities.

Those What-ifs sound like this:

    • What if I discover that by looking at myself my level of self-acceptance increases, and I let go of my self-judgments?
  • What if the changes that I thought would be too hard are actually freeing?
  • What if with my new-found self-acceptance I uncover my well-spring of inner strength?
  • What if by doing the work (or loving me that big) my life’s reflections mirror the life of my dreams?


Oh, what if?

So, my friend, which what-if voice are you listening to?

Better to be a little scared than to close the door, don’t you think?

Try this: the next time you find yourself frozen with your fearful what-ifs…pause, breathe deeply (as much as necessary) and do a little switch-a-roo. Shut the door to your fearful what-ifs with doors of opportunity what-ifs.

Your soulful self will be so delighted that you did.

Dearest, I love assisting folks with their inner journey. I love being witness to a client’s transformation from fear, or pain, or confusion, or frustration, or sadness…to peace, joy, happiness, clarity, and contentment. I especially love their happiness when they begin seeing and experiencing in a day-to-day kind of way and in every aspect of their lives…relationships, work, self-love, Divinity, creativity, etc. that honors who they really are.

Please, if you feel a pull on your heart-strings to take that inner, soulful journey with me….take a look at my Rise Higher and Come Home to YOU Program and make next year your best year ever!

Thank you so much for reading my posts.

I appreciate YOU.

In love and gratitude,


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