She says, “I’m not ready for that.”

That being what her heart has been crying for her to do.

My first thought is, what do you feel it will it take for you to be ready?

But because she’s not a client, and isn’t paying for my knowing, and doesn’t want my mentoring, I keep my thoughts to myself.

Instead I listen to ALL her reasons for not being ready.

And she has plenty of them!

Although I can empathize with her, and her reasons seem valid at least in her mind, I understand that she’s simply hiding her desires under a cloak of fear.

With every fiber of my being, I want to ease her fears.

I want to hold her heart in my hand while I plant the seed of her desires in every part of her consciousness…until she feels the inner necessity and the safety to courageously confront her worst fears.

Oh how I want!

But I stay quiet.

And in my quietness I ruminate – how much are her fears costing her?

Way too much, I’m afraid, way too much.

Friend, we all have fears!

But the question is – do you allow your fears to stop you from listening to the inner promptings of your heart?

Your tender heart that holds your deepest desires…

Your tender, brilliant heart that exposes, when listened to, any and all that render you powerless…

Dearest, if you’ve been feeling frozen with fear, if your fears have been costing you too much, try this…breathe deeply and say:

“I love you. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

Keep breathing deep belly breaths and repeating the prayer. (It’s the Hawaiian Hono Pono prayer)

My friend, to go face-to-face with your fears you need a whole lot of self-love.

Self-love that is – deep, abiding, forgiving, and compassionate…

The Hono Pono prayer is a graceful way to open the door to your precious heart that loves you beyond your wildest imagination.

From my heart to yours I share this Plain Truth message with you: (Plain Truth Divine messages that I’m creating into a book)

You are loved: Pretend for a moment that you are loved without condition, without attachment, without having to do or prove anything. Go ahead and imagine with all your heart that you are explicitly loved. Close your eyes and soak up the rays of love that are given to you just because you are you. You are loved like a thousand rays of sunshine spilling its glorious rays upon you. Notice how it feels to allow yourself to experience the truth of how divinely loved you are. Can you feel the softness, the beauty, the purity… of how truly loved you are?

Thank you for reading my posts – it’s a gift.

With all my love and appreciation,


Gloria Boysal – Connects with your soul, the Celestial Kingdom, and your deceased.