I adore my friend’s father. His steadfast love truly knows no boundaries.

Anytime his daughter needs him, he shows up for her. And I’m happy to state his love doesn’t stop with his daughter. He graciously illuminates my soulful path with his pearls of wisdom.

I find the deep impact of his fatherly advice simply astonishing.

He doesn’t miss a beat. It’s as if he has his finger on the pulse of his daughter’s heart and understands exactly what she needs. (Or what I need)

She doesn’t offer up a hint of inner resistance. She’s as open as a rose in full bloom.

Seems like an ordinary occurrence, don’t you think?

A father showing up to support his daughter… (And lend a helping hand to her friend)

But this father’s visit is anything but ordinary.

Ordinary is normal, ordinary fits in the box of limited possibilities.

His visit is way outside that box and defies what most would consider being in the realm of possible.


Because most folks believe their relationships have an end point.

They believe that once a person dies the relationship stops.

But what if our relationships live on even after death?

What if our relationships have no boundaries?

What if we believed that having a relationship with our loved one after death was as ordinary as having a relationship with our loved one while on earth?

What if…?

Think about it.

How would you feel if you knew that your deceased parent, or grandparent, or partner, or child, or friend, or even your pet continued to be a part of your life?

What would change in your life, say for instance, if you knew that every night before you fell asleep your deceased grandmother kissed your forehead, or while cooking your partner whispered recipe ideas to you, or at dinner your father sat with you, or while fishing your son fished along right beside you, or while reading on your bed your pet snuggled up to you?

How would you feel if you KNEW, really knew deep in your gut, that even death wouldn’t keep your loved one from being with you?

Friend, if you’re not sure that your deceased loved one is still with you, or if you would like to directly hear from them, I invite you to sign up for a Peace and Resolution session with me and we’ll connect with your dearly departed.

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I send blessings to you and yours.

With all my love and gratitude,


Gloria Boysal – Connects with the deceased, your soul, and the Celestial Kingdom.