I love Sundays.

On Sunday my husband and I go to our local farmer’s market. It’s more than a place to buy our organic produce; it’s our community book store and second-hand store, it’s our gathering place, it’s our way of belonging in our community.

Every Sunday I wake up with eager anticipation: Who will I talk with today? What treasure will I find? What book will leap out at me?

Well Friend, last Sunday while leisurely perusing the books one did leap out at me – The Right Words at the Right Time, Marlo Thomas and Friends.

This inspiring book is a collection of personal stories from 100 men and women. They each share a moment that changed their lives, a moment when they heard the right words at the right time.

As I reflected upon the stories, pivotal moments of my right-words-at-the-right-time floated across my mind like a mental picture album.

Although a lifetime ago, I clearly see myself standing in my in-law’s donut shop. My mother-in-law looks me in the eyes and says, “He’s dead. You did it. Till death do us part.”

Her only child had died, and here she was telling me it was okay to move on, to love again. Her words penetrated deeply into my wounded heart, and in that moment I gave myself permission to love again.

Another all-important picture emerged: I’m sitting in my first mentor’s office and repeatedly saying, “I’m afraid.”

She scoots to the edge of her seat, gets closer to me, and says, “What does fear have to do with anything?!”

To this day when I want to allow my fear to stop me, my mentor’s words resonate loudly, what does fear have to do with anything? Of course, I then go about my business of not letting my fear stop me.

Life-changing moments, indeed!

I believe we’ve all had those life-changing moments. A time when we heard the right words at the right time.

Go ahead and reach back into your life and search your heart for that moment when someone’s right words changed your life.

Please, I would love to hear about your right-words-at-the-right-time-moment.

Thanks for your time.

I appreciate you.

In love and gratitude,


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