“I wish I had connected more with you while you were here.” She (a client) says to her deceased mother.

“Connect with me now.” Her mother responds.

“Talk to me and think about me. I will hear you and feel you.”

She tells her daughter that after she talks with her if she’ll quiet herself she may feel or sense or even hear her presence or response.

I feel her mother’s energy shift and she emphatically says, “It’s never too late!”

As the session continues questions are answered, unexpressed words are expressed, and much love is shared. As we’re bringing the session to a close, her mother repeats – “It’s never too late.”

I remember when my first husband died my wishful thinking fell along these lines…if only I had told him more often how much I loved him, if only I had apologized more, if only he knew the depth of love I held for him…if only…

I believed it was too late to pour out my heart. After all, he was gone.

I now understand that it’s never too LATE.

I now understand that he isn’t gone.

I now understand that relationships continue.

If you’re wishing that you could share with your deceased one more time, wish no more. Go ahead and say it. Pour out your heart.

They will HEAR you.

Friend, the void of emptiness doesn’t have to be so overwhelming when we embrace the truth about our loved ones on the Other Side.

Although they may not be seen, they live on, and the truth is – it’s NEVER too late, and they’re NOT gone.

May this Plain Truth message bring you comfort:

You never lose anyone: No one is ever lost to you. Everyone is a part of the eternalness of All That Is and cannot be gone. Know that anyone you love is available to you if you will allow the connection. To allow the connection you must calm yourself. Once calm you can call that person to you by talking to him or her. Although you may not be able to hear or see or even feel your loved one, your loved one is very aware of you, and can see, hear and feel your emotions. You may feel as if you are having a monologue but your loved one is quite active in your conversation. He or she is listening, and if your loved one feels the need to…will comment or touch you lightly. If you will trust the truth that your loved one is quite aware of you and comes to you when called, the void you feel will lessen and your pain will lose some of its intensity. For the truth is…you never lose anyone.

Thank you for being here with me.

Always in appreciation…

Bless you and yours,


P. S. If you’re wishing to HEAR with clarity from your Other Side Loved One, please know that  through my Peace and Resolution sessions you can receive the clarity and connection you’ve been yearning for.