Friend, here’s a Plain Truth message for you. Breathe deeply and read it as – YOUR Truth. Notice what thoughts or feelings arise within you.

To think that you need something that you can’t find is to believe that you are missing something either within you or within your life.

There is nothing missing within you!

If you will come home to self, which is the same as being true to your heart, you will find that you either have within you, or within your capabilities, (yes, it’s true, you may need to develop that which you are seeking) to bring that which you feel is missing into your life.

For example, if you yearn to be a singer then you can develop your voice. If your yearning is a soulful, heartfelt yearning you will have what you need within to fill it.

However, if it’s a yearning that stems from a need to be approved of, or appreciated, or loved, you will not find what’s missing by trying to make yourself be something you’re not.

You need not search outside you to find what you feel is missing…you have within what you need to fill your yearning.

How does it feel to know you have within you what you need to fill ANY and ALL yearnings?

Do you accept this truth?

If you question this truth, breathe deeply and ask yourself, “What do I need to accept the truth of who I AM? Listen closely for your heart knows what you need to fully accept the truth of you.

I believe in YOU!

I thank you for reading my posts.

In deep appreciation,


P.S. More about my upcoming Plain Truth book later.

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