“I don’t like the word medium.” I respond to my friend when she brings up the fact that I’m a medium although that’s not what I call myself.

I can feel my emotions stirring much like an undercurrent…deep and strong. I want to protest against the word!

Why? What keeps me from using a word that describes my gift?

I hear myself saying to her, “It’s too limiting. I do so much more than connect with deceased people.”

I continue, “I connect with the celestial kingdom, the depths of a person’s soul, and with the deceased. I’m more than a medium!”

There it is – the reason behind my dislike of being called a medium; I don’t want to be limited.

Later as I give more thought to our conversation I realize that I have a picture of what it means to be a medium, and I don’t fit, nor do I want to, in what I consider to be a limiting picture.

I think of mediums as people who bring forth lots of deceased people at once and share whatever those deceased want to share, whereas, I only bring forth one (or sometimes a couple such as a mother and father) deceased person at a time for the specific purpose of healing.

(Note: Although I may consider the way mediums work as limiting for myself that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s limiting for them.)

There have been many occasions during a session with the deceased (Peace and Resolution session) that I’m asked by the deceased to do my soulful Connecting work. So what starts as a Peace and Resolution session can actually blossom into a soulful Connecting session as well – a session without limits-YES!

And in that no-limit space of connecting with your deceased and healing your grieving heart, and connecting with your soul and advancing with love, you’re opening the way for limitless opportunities of healing and growth.

Ah…just the way I like it – NO LIMITS!!

So what about you?

  • Do you limit yourself?
  • What can you do to open the way for no-limits?
  • How can you create the space of limitlessness in your life?

If you already create limitlessness in your life, I would love to hear about it.

I appreciate you.

Thanks for being here with me.

In love and gratitude,



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