She calls, and her anxiousness is enough for me to feel it in the pit of my belly. She’s frantic with worry. Her mind has conjured up the worst case scenario.

Granite, she has some real stuff going on, but…her stuff cannot be solved with her downward, there’s-no-hope thought pattern.

Her stuff cannot be solved in the midst of her freaking out with fear.

So first things first, calm her down. We begin with deep belly breaths.

Once she has calmed down, I ask her to continue with her story. As I listen I can feel that the truth of her situation isn’t what she has made it out to be. In fact, as I shed the light of truth about what’s really going on I feel relief, then hope, course through her.

Now that we’ve calmed her and put TRUTH in the situation she can relax, and hear what can be done about it. She can focus on the solution.

Sometimes we can get so freaked out by our fearful thoughts.

And of course, fear always begets more fear, which begets more fear, which…you get the picture

So what do we do when we’re freaked out with FEAR?

Well, if we have to, as the old saying goes, we pull ourselves up by the bootstraps. We can’t afford to allow our minds to go willy-nilly and do whatever our minds want to do, because if we let fear take over we can end up feeling like we’re knee deep in you know what.

How do we pull ourselves up by the bootstraps?

Well friend, I know for myself, and for those I work with, that the first thing when freaked out with fear to do is – BREATHE!

Yep, take deep belly breaths. Don’t let your fear take over; take as many deep belly breaths as you need until you feel yourself calm down.

Once you are calm you can focus on the solution instead of the problem, therein lies the TRUTH.

Truth, as the old axiom states, can set you free, but truth cannot wiggle itself into your fear until you’ve calmed yourself enough to switch your focus from the problem onto the solution.

Friend, a message from Plain Truth about breathing:

Deep Water Does Not Have to Drown YOU: If you feel you’re drowning, (or freaked out with fear) if you feel that the very thought of breathing is just too hard, breathe anyway. You may feel your life is a mountain of struggle, pain and misery, but beyond your mountain of struggle, beyond your grievous heart, deep within you…is a life worth living. A life that moves and changes and doesn’t allow for stagnation, a life that breathes… If you will breathe deeply while in the midst of pain and call on that life within you, even if it feels like it’s not there or just a dot in size, if you’ll focus in on that life that wants more life for you, you’ll find that your life spot will increase. Breathe – focus – and breathe some more. The life within you is calling on you. Keep breathing and soon you’ll find that you’re not drowning, (that you’re not freaked out) soon you’ll find that you’re living.

How about you? Are you freaking out about something? Are you caught in a fear trap? What happens when you choose to breathe yourself into a state of calmness? Do you find you can focus on the solution?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for being here with me.

In deep appreciation and love,


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