Hey friend, ever know that it’s time to create that project? You know the one Im talking about, the one that hovers over all that you do, the one that whispers and (if not listened to) shouts to be heard and followed through on, the one that demands attention – NOW!

Do you have such a project?

I know I do.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing what I do before I buckle down and give my attention over to my inspirational inner callings…I clean, organize, and handle details.

Then once I feel I have the space (bandwidth) and a clear mind, I begin.

I don’t conjure up some plausible excuse to keep me from beginning. You know the kind I’m talking about…not enough time, or energy, or know-how, or… (What excuse might you give?)

Nope, I BEGIN!

Spurred by my inspiration (in-spirit) I dive in and create that project that’s pulling at my heart strings.

So, in the spirit of my excitement with my new beginnings, I’ll share a little with you about that project. (I would love to hear about yours.)

My project is a book about what I have learned from our deceased loved ones. Through my Peace and Resolution sessions I have witnessed a great deal of pain from those that have lost someone. My deep desire is to ease some of that pain. I will in my book write about the Truths I have heard from those on the Other Side, truths such as – you never really lose anyone, they (our loved ones) are doing well, they know all about your life as it is now, they have a broad perspective and they live on.

I’ll be sharing more about my book later as I get deeper into it. If you have any questions please write me on Facebook at Gloria Boysal.

How about you? Do you have that project that’s waiting for you? If so, are you willing to listen to your inner calling? Are you willing to begin – NOW?

Thanks for being here with me.

I appreciate your time and attention.

Always with love,