To turn to our Creator is to change our lives. So I gift you with this Holy prayer to tenderly bless and enfold you.

(Note: I’ve used the word God for our Creator. Use the word that best fits within your belief system.)

The Grace of God reaches beyond all humanness.

The Grace of God is pure, perfect, whole, and complete.

It is by the Grace of God that humans survive their hardships, their drawbacks, their pitfalls, their endless need to struggle.

Only the Grace of God can and will bring humans back into their perfection, back into their higher self, back into their God within.

What is Grace? One may ask, and how does one receive it?

Grace is God’s Favor toward all humans.

Everyone receives God’s Grace.

It is a matter of choosing to recognize the Grace of God.

Let us pray…

Dearest God, please expand my awareness. See that I recognize Your Grace in my life and in the life of all others.

I sometimes stumble and forget that You are there, right beside me, in all my moments.

I forget the truth of Your Love, of Your Promise, that You will be with us no matter what.

Dearest God, it is because of Your Grace that we are so easily understood and accepted even when we forget how amazing Your Everlasting Grace is.

As I remember and breathe in the truth of Your Promise I feel a powerful Love sweep over me.

Thank You, God, for Your Amazing Grace.

“I AM acknowledging God’s Grace, and I AM forever thankful.”  


May you rest in the Throne of Grace.

In love and appreciation,