I’ve come home. Yes, I’ve come home!

On the surface it looks like I’ve come home from a month of traveling, which is true. However below the surface I can feel, bone marrow kind of feeling that I’ve come home from so much more.

I think of myself as a courageous soul, one who lives in the world of possibilities. Yet…I’m finding that the possibilities for growth are limitless and that the possibilities change as we do.

Ever been there? In that place of knowing that you’ve changed or that you can feel the change trying to take place within you.

That place of whispering possibilities, of longings that beckon, of stirrings that beat louder with each passing day – and you know.

You know that a sacred invitation is waiting for your, “YES!”

Your “Yes” to Come home, come home to the you, who you crave to be.

Oh you can try and cover those whispers. There are many clever tactics you can try to out-smart yourself with – being busy, feeding your fears, holding onto your habitual limiting beliefs – and of course, the more you feed all your excuses the more magnified your obstacles become.

But…if you choose to feed the passions of your heart (passions can be anything that you want to honor in your life: your state of mind, love, job, partnership, creativity, soul-gift, body, etc.), if you choose to Come Home to YOU, the possibilities are limitless.

I smile from a deep heart space when a client’s fierce love within boldly says,

Enough, no more settling – no more excuses!

I choose my soul-life: my life of joy, peace, abundance, playfulness, creativity. I choose to Come Home to Myself. I choose to be who I crave to be!!

I had a client the other day share with me that she didn’t know I had such a program – a program that offers to hold your hand and heart through your splendid journey of Coming Home to YOU, a program that opens the way for you to be Who you CRAVE to be.

So I thought it would be a good idea to shed some light about my program. So friend, if what I’ve said speaks to your heart, here’s some of what you’ll receive with the program:

 The Come Home to You Program

  • You’ll experience self-acceptance, which is the key to unlocking whatever is keeping you from being the true you
  • Your need to prove your worthiness will lessen and you’ll relax into life
  • Your seed of greatness will sprout, blossom, and grow (the greatness you’ve been craving to let out!)
  • You’ll receive and know you have the tools you need to live life to the fullest
  • Your self-love will ring true in your heart
  • Your aspirations will take a front seat and you’ll reach new heights
  • You’ll begin believing then living the truth of you
  • You’ll feel and know what it means to Come Home to YOU


I love traveling the Homeward Bound journey with a client, holding his or her hand with love and acceptance. Can you imagine my chanting, “Yes, Yes, Yes,” as you Come Home to YOU! I will be, because I know you are more than you believe yourself to be. I know that you can live the life you crave.

Dearest, if I’ve pulled at your heart-strings and you’re ready to choose your soul life, I offer the  sacred invitation of the Come Home to you program, please email me at gloriaboysal@gmail.com to set up a time to chat about how you can begin. Please know that I am changing this program and the price will go up with the changes.

The Come Home to YOU program is your KEY to unlocking the you, who you crave to be. The true to your heart, Soul-filled…YOU!


It’s good to be back home.

I appreciate that you’re here with me.

Much love and aloha,


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You deserve to live a life of growth.

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