Aloha friend, I’ve been feeling stirrings. At first my stirrings were like small pebble waves of energy. Well, those small pebble waves are much bigger now, (I’m talking large rock waves) and I know what that means – Change.

Since I know that the path of least resistance is to go with the flow – I’m listening. I’m saying YES to Change!

Saying YES has led me to create a new program:

Rise Higher and Come Home to YOU

An 8 month life-changing program

Friend, I know, and I say this with a grateful heart, my work changes lives. I know because I’ve witnessed it time and time again.

Some of what I know about my work is that when you choose to work with me you

    • Move through your fears, doubts, worries, anxieties, stories, and beliefs in the most graceful, loving way
  • Move from where you are to where you dream of being.
  • Replenish your heart with loving self-acceptance


  • Fill your emptiness with love, peace, joy, and a deep inner knowing that you are MORE than you know.

Bottom line: When you choose to work with me you become the YOU that deep in your heart you crave to be.

Please note: For 24 hours I AM offering this new program at half the cost to 3 people…2 have already said YES.

If you too have that feeling that it’s time for a change and you want someone to hold your hand and heart, to listen soulfully and share truth with you, to gracefully lead you through whatever is keeping you from being the peaceful and joyous YOU that you crave to be – then please listen to your heart and say YES to change

The full price of this life-changing 8 month program is – $12,000

Now through Thursday I’m offering a fifty percent discount to 1 more person for the price of – $6000

This person is you if you have a heart-craving to be who you know you can be, and you are ready to say – YES!

If you’re the one, please email me ASAP at

As of Friday this discount will no longer be available.

Note: This program is replacing my present programs.

You feel Gloria’s gift from the first time you speak with her. She is so nurturing and kind, backed with her power and the power of the Divine. You just feel it sink in and begin supporting you to change your life. Over the two years I’ve worked with her she has been a mentor and guide through significant personal and spiritual transformation that has impacted my marriage and business – in expansive and fulfilling ways. She has an ability to see deeply into my heart and Soul and with a clarity that is unmatched, she reflects back for me the wisdom my Divinity has to share. Quite simply, when you’re ready, she will uplift your life in miraculous ways.

Judith Manriquez  Mastery Teacher and Coach

Thanks for being here with me.

I appreciate YOU.

Heartfelt Blessings,


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You deserve to live a life of growth.

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