I can feel some apprehension, so before starting her soulful session I ask, “How are you doing?”

She replies, “I’m kind of nervous.”

Another client – After sharing the soulful truth about her issue, she rejoices, “Isn’t that delightful!”

A client call – The energy is heavy and I hear about the PROBLEM. I respond, “It’s not a problem, it’s an opportunity to find the perfect gift to grow.”

It’s all about perspective.

I have some friends over and they’re talking about the craziness that’s going on in the world.

I respond, “The biggest conspiracy going on is the conspiracy of goodness.”

It’s all about perspective.

I connect with their deceased father. He shares his love and some very real insight into each of his daughter’s lives.

Their responses:

“Thank you, Daddy.”

“I need more proof!”

“I appreciate you, Daddy.”

It’s all about perspective.

I’m concerned about my Dad’s inertia, his lack of desire to live. I want him to want to live. (It’s been 2 years since my Mother’s passing.)

My deceased Mother comes through and talks about how much rejoicing will take place when my Dad arrives.

It’s all about perspective.

Road of Life (A short poem on perspective)

Tight grip on the steering wheel of life –

Weary from maneuvering through my journey of pot holes,

I rant to any bending ear, “Why me?! Why am I the victim of rugged roads? Why do They get to steer through the easy road of life?”

Loosely holding the steering wheel of life –

While trusting their journey will be smooth, They answer back –

“Why Not?!”

It’s all about perspective.

Right here, right NOW – What’s your perspective?

How do you perceive your health, your relationships, your purpose, your issues, your deceased loved ones, your dreams – your LIFE?

Your perspective of your life – is YOUR life!

Change your PERSPECTIVE and you change your LIFE.

Try it…choose 1 area in your life that you feel is hard, or scary, or impossible, or difficult or a nuisance. And decide that you will no longer SEE it as you’ve been SEEING it.

You can choose to change your perspective, like I’ve done with my Dad. Now when I think of my Dad’s indifference toward living, I choose to accept his desire to leave the planet. And I think about my deceased Mother’s words – There will be rejoicing when he arrives.

Your life is in-the-hands of your Perspective. How do you choose to perceive it?

Over to you: What area (or situation) in your life would you like to perceive differently (In a way that supports you)? What happens when you change your perspective? Do you notice the change immediately or does the change happen over time? How do you feel now, compared to how you felt before you changed your perspective?

I would love to hear from you.

Thanks so much for being here with me.

I appreciate YOU!

In love and gratitude,


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