Hi friend, as promised here’s the Easter Special to reconnect with your Loved One on the other side.   Easter special for Peace and Resolution session

Dearest, I know how good it feels to hear how your Deceased is doing on the other side and hear what your Loved One so much wants to share with you.  And I know that when you reunite with your Loved One you experience a peace and comfort that only comes with the reassurance that your Departed One is doing well. (We all want to know our loved ones who have moved on are okay.)

That’s why I’m offering a special – so you too can have the experience of reuniting once more with the one you’ve lost, and receive the peace that reconnecting with your Loved One brings.

The Easter Special is  a limited time sale the week after Easter. Beginning the day after Easter, March 28th and lasting only until April 1st.

I have only 12 available times so be sure and schedule early before they are all gone.

Regular price: $150     Easter Special Price: $111

Go here to sign up: Easter Special

Please share this Special with your family and friends who, you know, would like to once again reconnect with their Loved One on the other side. Easter Special

Thank you, I look forward to connecting you with your Loved One.

With all my love,



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