I cry in the wilderness the howl of a lone wolf

Echoing across the mountain tops, whispering in the winds, riding on the wings of a dove

Hear My Call

I stampede across the terrain the fury of wild mustangs

Crashing against nature, imprinting the hard earth, racing to the edge

Hear My Call

I slither through the desert the hiss of a snake

Stirring the silent dust, finding my way, searching for sustenance

Hear My Call

I purr in home’s warm embrace the sweet meow of a kitten

Attracting lavish attention, playing tirelessly, resting soundly and peacefully

Hear My Call

I am crying in the wilderness

I am running across the terrain

I am sliding through the desert

I am resting at home

Hear My Call

I am the howl of the wind

I am the wild of the mustang

I am the hiss of the snake

I am the purr of the kitten

Hear My Call


May you know that your call is always heard.

Much love to you,


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