I’m Connecting and sharing with her what her soul wants on every level – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. She’s listening, and she’s taking it all in. I can feel it.

I see a theme, a pattern, one that so many of us fall into – the pattern of waiting.

You know the kind of waiting I’m talking about – waiting for your fleeting thoughts to stop, waiting for your heart yearnings to be fulfilled, waiting to look closely at your conflicting behaviors, waiting to honor what you know is in your best interest…waiting for your life to change.

Do you believe that your life can change in an instant?

I do.

I believe that when we get in agreement with our soulful selves – our lives can transform instantly.

But…we have to stop WAITING!

And…we don’t have to do it all at ONCE!

We don’t have to decide we’re going to take notice of every fleeting thought, or give ourselves all our heart yearnings at the same time, or inspect every behavior, or scope out our life for what is honoring and what is not.

Baby steps, my friends, baby steps…

If you’ll commit to one area (heart yearning, conflicting behavior, etc.) that you’re not willing to wait for any longer – you’re life can transform – instantly, almost as if by magic.

Although it may feel like magic, the truth of the transformation will be – you got in agreement with your soul.

Today I receive a call from her (her from the Connecting session). She had taken action with a heart yearning that we discussed. And as if by magic her life changed. She excitedly said, “Yay, Yay, Yay!!”

“Yay is right!”

The key to her magical life change, she took – Soulful Action!

Friends, when you’re willing to get in agreement with your soul (take soulful action) – your life transforms!!

I would love to hear about you:

Do you find yourself waiting for your life to change?

What’s one baby step that you can take NOW?

What happens when you take that step?

How do you feel?

What changes take place in your life?

Thanks for reading my soulful insights.

I love sharing them with YOU!

With love and appreciation,


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