Dearest friends, in honor of the earth and its glorious people during this holy time I send a prayer. (From my prayer book – My Heart to God’s Heart) Please note: The bottom part of the prayer is met for you to use, if you like, as an affirmation.

Divine Mother

Dearest, the world is in need of your infinite Love, so much so.

People sit in fear and allow their fears to run their lives, and many try to run the world based on their illusions of fear. Of course, fear begets more fear.

The world needs Divine Intervention and you Blessed Mother are the receptacle of love.

I ask for Holy Boldness, a penetrating intervention.

Please wield your Untainted Love!

As the world experiences the strength of your Love may their raucous frights quiet.

With a softening of fearful hearts, in the fullness of your Love, may the world reign in harmony.

Oh Blessed Mother of the Most High, your Gracious, Unconditional Love purifies all your “Children.”

In deep devotion we thank you for your blessing of Love.

We love YOU!

“I AM, in the framework of your Love, relinquishing my discordant thoughts, and I AM relishing my Highest Spiritual feelings.”


Bless you and yours during this holy season.

In love and appreciation,


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