She’s crying, and I can feel her hopelessness. She’s tried doing all that she knows to do…now what?! Everything within me wants to help her move out of her hell. I breathe deeply, and I listen soulfully.

I hear the truth. It’s solid; I feel it in my bones. Nothing she does will work until – Here’s the biggie – she can love herself through it. I mean really love! Pretty platitudes won’t do the trick; nope it’s bigger than that.

As I continue to breathe and listen, the depth of her message sinks deep within me. I see, hear, and feel the Divine love practice that will transform her out of her hell. As I bask in the glorious energy I understand how this Divine Practice isn’t just for her. It’s the truth, or can be, for any of us that want to change our lives without struggle.

Here it is friends: The way to change your life without struggle.

  • Turn your attention off of what’s troubling you. The moment the troubling thought comes into your mind. (I know it’s not easy. We’re programmed to fight it, but as long as we fight it, it will fight us back.)
  • Turn your attention to your heart and begin sending love into it with your intention and your breath. (Your sacred heart or the flame of the Creator within you.) I do this by feeling deep appreciation for being a part of my Creator.
  • Then pour your love into the Creation of All That Is. (God, Spirit, I AM Presence, Universe, whatever is true for you.)
  • Now ask your Creator to fill you and your world with Its Love. (You can ask for love to fulfill the Divine Plan, if you like.) Breathe in deeply and receive this All-Powerful Love. You may or may not feel it. However, if you’ll accept that – when you ask you receive – you’ll benefit from the asking.
  • Now ask your Creator (Angels, Cosmic Being, Jesus, whatever you relate to) to open the door to your peace. (You may ask for specifics here, as long as the specifics are in your best interest and are for the highest good of all.)
  • Give Thanks through words, thoughts, or feelings.

If you want to break the habit of putting your attention on anything that is disturbing your peace of mind, call to your Love first – love of self, love of Divine within, and love of Divine of all that is.

This is a practice that will change your life, if you choose to practice it.

We all know that practice requires discipline. Well my friends, this practice requires discipline of the heart; this practice requires a whole lot of love.

Remember folks, where your attention is there you are.

Are you willing to put your attention on love?

How about you? What happens to your problem when you take your attention off of it and put it on love instead?

What do you feel? How does your thinking change? How does your life change?

Thanks so much for being a part of my community.


In love and gratitude,


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