She’s talking to me about all the reasons why she can’t do what her heart cries for her to do. The reasons are valid enough, yes she has physical issues to get around, yes she has mental habits to confront, yes she has doubts to move through, but…and it’s a big But – the truth is those are just excuses she uses to convince herself that she’s not ready.

Here’s the truth – She’ll never be ready!

Why? Because the readiness comes from the DOING!

Yea, I’m all for preparing ourselves with meditation, prayer, visualization, calling on friends or mentors for their support, but…yep, another big But – all the preparation in the world does not take the place of actually DOING!

Here’s my own ‘not ready’ story from some years back.

I’m sitting and whining (to my former husband) that I can’t write that, that being a paper for school. I protest, “I don’t know how to write!” He promptly responds, “Of course, you don’t know how to write because you never try writing. You have to write to learn how to write. Practice that’s what you need, so go on and do it, you’ll learn by doing it!”

I sit and pout. I don’t believe him. I know I’m not ready to write without his help (his help being he practically writes every word). Because this time I know he means it (he’s threatened before that this time is the last), in defeat with teary eyes, I slump by way to my office to write -without being READY!

After sitting for several minutes pouting and going over all the reasons why I can’t write, I begin writing. At first it’s difficult, mostly due to my invading thoughts of not being able to do it, but with determination to prove to myself that I can write, to my surprise I write my paper. When finished, like a child in pure delight, I proudly take it to him and say, “I did it. I wrote my paper! He smiles, “I knew you could do it.”

If we (or I) wait until we think we’re ready our life will become one big waiting game.

Life is meant to be Lived – NOW!

I know it can be scary to Live NOW but what choice do we have? To not Live NOW! To postpone living until we build up our courage, until we feel ready?

Check out this message, which so succinctly brings home the point, from my Plain Truth, my FREEBIE!

Sitting on the fence: If you stall when you know to move…you choose sitting on the fence, an uncomfortable place to sit. If you convince yourself that you are waiting until you build your courage, you may find yourself waiting for a long time, possibly indefinitely. All the non-action in the world will not build on your courage. Courage comes from taking action. To be courageous you must choose to take action, and you will find that with each action step you take your courage builds. “Do you really want to sit on the fence?”

How about you? Are you sitting on the fence? Is there something you’re waiting to do until you feel READY? What’s one step you can take to – Live NOW! I’d love to hear about your step.

I’ll end with a quote (one of my favorites) that says it all:

Courage follows action.”

In love and gratitude,


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Does this sound like you?

Do you question if you’re intuitive enough, brave enough, smart enough or just plain enough to have what you yearn for, what you ache for, what keeps you awake at night?

Do you pretend that you’re okay with the way your life is (pick an area) when you know you’re not?

Do you feel you’ll never be READY?

Are you tired of your excuses, your compromises, and your regrets?

Are you fed-up with envying others?

Does your head ache from trying so many different techniques only to find you’re right where you started?

Do you look at what you want to see happen and think I don’t even know where to begin?

Are you ready to throw in the towel and forget the whole business of living your potential, of having the life you want?