I remember the final moments before stepping out on the stage to teach a seminar for an especially large group. In my mind the size of the group made presenting appear SCARY! In fact, as I peered into the group from behind the curtain my knees turned to jello, my belly acted as if it were on a roller coaster ride and my hands were so clammy that I grabbed some paper towels to dry them.

I remember my trembling body as I tentatively walked onto the stage. I also remember that the moment I turned my attention away from my fear and onto my audience my fear left.

Ever do something that you’re afraid of? What happens to the fear? It goes away, right?

When we’re about to do something and our fear comes up and we know we’ll do it anyway, we’re facing our fear, and, as if by magic, our fear goes away.

But what about the times we’re not willing to face our fear – what about the times we mask our fear with such cleverness that we’re not even aware that we’re masking it!

Take a peek: Do you mask your fear with any of these clever tactics?

  • Stay so busy you feel distracted by your life
  • Resist change
  • Forgo challenges
  • Go along with others when you know you don’t want to go along
  • Pretend to feel okay when you don’t feel okay
  • Resign to life with your…partnership, work, creativity, spirituality, body, etc.?

If you can relate to any of the above tactics – take a moment and do a little shift-a-roo and go into a state of curiosity (just for the heck of it). Hmm, I wonder why I’m masking my fear?

Breathe deeply and with curiosity ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?”

“Why am I masking my fear?”

Listen the way an eager child would listen…with excitement and awe.

Curiosity takes the sting out – curiosity opens the door for growth – curiosity overrides the fear.

When we allow ourselves to face our fear with curiosity our fear holds no power over us.

To bring home the point, here’s an excerpt from my Plain Truth messages. I’ve taken the liberty to replace the word shadow with fear.

You will find that you have within you the wherewithal to face any lurking fear. Only when you try to run from your fear will your fear follow you. Be willing to be curious about your fear. Allow your curiosity to override your judgments of it. Your curiosity will open the way for you to face your fears. And once you face them they lose their power. So take a curious peek and watch your fears disappear.

Over to you: I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment in the comment section.  Is there a fear lurking within you? Are you willing to be curious about it? What happens when you open yourself to curiosity? How do you feel about your fear then?

I so appreciate you.

In love and aloha,