In my business, and life, I talk a lot about the Soul and the Plain Truth. My Plain Truth manifesto is on my website, and it’s the name of the divine messages I share on my weekly podcast. My life is based on living from my Soulful Plain Truth. And my work is based on listening to your Soulful Plain Truth.

So why do I consider the Soulful Plain Truth so central to who I am and what I do?

Well, first of all, I think it’s necessary to define Soulful Plain Truth:

Soulful: Expressing your soul (Your soul is that part of you that is sacred, having a human experience, and knows your highest good.)

Plain: Clear, distinct, free from ambiguity, candid, simply and easily understood.

Truth: The actual state of a matter.

So…the Soulful Plain Truth is the simple, easily understood, actual state of what your soul knows and wants for you.

Why the Soulful Plain Truth is central to who I am and what I do:

  • I consistently and devotionally focus on being All of who I AM which is why living my Soulful Plain Truth is central to who I am.
  • The Soulful Plain Truth is central to working with you (clients) because when I share with you your Soulful Plain Truth I am sharing that which will serve your life and all that you are, and do, the most.
  • I know when you hear and abide to your soulful truth you move beyond whatever is hindering your love of you, of others, of your life.
  • And when you follow your soulful truth you set yourself free to be, and live, the best possible way for you.

I’m passionate about living my soulful plain truth, and I’m just as passionate about helping others live theirs.

In fact, I’m so passionate, and it’s such an important part of my life that I’ve created a weekly FREE program to share the Soulful Plain Truth with YOU. Check it out.

Because… A soulful knowing can set the course for your whole life.

When I (or you) live by our soulful plain truths we set the course for a full life, a life rich with all the good stuff: love, peace, happiness, abundance, laughter, loving relationships and inspired creativity.

That’s why the Soulful Plain Truth is central to who I am and what I do.

Would you like more of the Soulful Plain Truth central in your life?

If so…begin with checking-in with YOU.

A few quick ways to check-in with your Soulful Plain Truth:

  1. What is your gut telling you? You know if it feels good or bad – that’s your gut talking. (Our guts feel good when we’re living truth.)
  2. What is your heart yearning for you to know, be, do, or have?
  3. Look for any way that you are incongruent, e.g. your heart says one thing but your head says another.
  4. Check in with you, is there anywhere in your life you’re willing to settle? (Settling is not soulful living.)

So what’s your Soulful Plain Truth?

How about you? Do you feel you’re living your Soulful Plain Truth? If not, what can you DO to align yourself with your soul?

Or…do you find that you mostly live your Soulful Plain Truth but have difficulty in one area? If so, go to your heart about it. Breathe into your heart and listen deeply. Continue to go within for your Soulful Plain Truth.

Live a rich life by living your soulful plain truth.

From my soul to yours – Thank you for being here with me.

In deep appreciation,


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