In answer to this question is your first thought about time? Do you wonder what it would be like to have more time with your day to day routines – your children, work, projects, home, other obligations or responsibilities? Well friends, I’m not talking about having more time, nope, I’m talking about something much deeper, and more important, than time. I’m talking about what it means to be FREE in being who YOU are.

I’m talking about…having that inner strength and self love to own and express, without altering, your authentic, true-to-you SELF.

Why am I talking about this?

Because dear friends, I know firsthand and from my clients that altering your authentic self can become a learned pattern of behavior, a pattern that if you get stuck in can alter you so much that you become unrecognizable to yourself.

You may become so accustomed to being who you think you’re supposed to be that you’re not aware you aren’t being your authentic self, which is the key to total FREEDOM!

Are you someone who goes out of your way to make others comfortable (at any price), or takes care of everyone (no matter how you feel), or entertains the crowd, or is always nice or polite, or generous to a fault, or never shares an opinion that differs, or pretends to be less than you are, or…?

If so… is this really the authentic YOU?

The gravity of not being authentic – is like wearing a muzzle over your heart!

My passion runs deep about this all important topic, so much so, I could probably write a book. But for now my friends, I’ll share with you a Plain Truth message, my FREEBIE! That brings home the point beautifully.

Hey before you begin reading, take a moment and breathe deeply. Feel the FREEDOM of this Plain Truth message. Let it resonate in your heart and soul. Let it ring true!

Coming Home to Self:

When a newborn is brought home there are many changes that take place within the family. A baby’s needs are met without delay. The family revolves around the newborn. Why? Because the baby is first priority! Coming home to self is akin to bringing a baby home…its first priority! Coming home to self is as simple as being true to your heart. Just as you would not expect a baby to alter his or her needs to please you, you must not alter your heart to please another. Your heart wants what your heart wants. Do not try dissuading your heart for another. Honor your heart the way you would honor the needs of a newborn…make it your first priority!

Over to you: I would love to hear from you in the comment section. Do you honor your authenticity? Are you true to yourself in all your moments? If not, what first step can you take to Come Home to YOU?

What can you do to feel what it’s like to have total FREEDOM?

Or…what do you do to stay true to you? How do you maintain authenticity?

Thanks for being you and being here with me.

In appreciation and love,