Today while stroking and scratching my beloved baby (my cat) and relishing the moment, a cascading wave of love and appreciation swept over me.

I’m happy to report that I delight in these waves of love almost every day. They come unexpectedly and warm me from head to toe. As the love wave courses through me my heart expands, and in that invigorated, expanded love fest my uttermost desire is to reach out and share my overflow.

All my concerns, petty annoyances, fears, etc. fall on the side of ridiculous, and in that connected moment only love is possible.

Awe – can you imagine only love as your reality? What a life you would live!

We may not be able to live in a love-reality in all our moments, but I’ve come to understand that when I’m relishing the moment I’m in,(not when I’m busy thinking about the next moment or thinking about a life goal) but when I’m engrossed (fully present) in whatever I’m experiencing, that’s when love’s power pours through me.

Try it…the next time you find yourself preoccupied in your moment – stop – and fully experience your moment.

Be there in that conversation, meal, task, drive, walk, shower, meeting, etc. Show up fully with all that you are.

Be Present!

Don’t deny you the luxury of present moment living.

You never know…you may be denying yourself  –  a reality of love.

Over to you: I would love to hear from you. Have you experienced waves of love? Do you experience waves of love on a regular basis? Are you willing to practice being fully present in your day-to-day moments? Are you open to the idea of a reality of love?

Thanks for being here with me.

In love and appreciation,