Hello my friends, it’s good to be back. I feel I’ve been in another world right in my own home. Well, I kind of have…my sisters-in-law came from England, London and Cyprus (An island in the Mediterranean, which is their Motherland).

Although I found their world and mine…worlds apart, in just about every imaginable way, I found we had something important in common – our love for family.

So…when they were talking back and forth in Turkish, or putting dishes away (God knows where), or passionately giving me or my husband advise, or taking long-minutes for every decision – I focused on our common ground – the love.

I would breathe deeply and think about how much they love us (my husband and I), and I would think about how much we love them. (And appreciate them; they came a long way to see us.)

Not only did I think about my love, I also made sure to demonstrate my love. I shared with them my love and appreciation through words, cards, and small kindnesses. When they went on a walk or out with my husband I made sure to do something special for them…fresh flowers, sweep their rooms, leave small gifts, etc.

Also, the moment I became aware of my need to defend my way of life, or try and control a situation, I knew it was a signal (and the saving of my relationships) to focus on the love. I would breathe in deeply my love for them or purposefully do a loving act.

Focusing on the love is the answer. (And may save our relationships)

The love is in all of us and it’s so easy to tune into if we will only allow ourselves.

When we are in situations (especially with family) that challenge us – the love (that’s right there below the surface) can be what saves our relationships.

Try it, the next time you find yourself huffing and puffing about a family member (or anyone for that matter) tune into the love you feel for them. If you don’t feel (or can’t find) love for them, tune into the love you feel for you. Then notice how your (colored) perception changes (And your body’s stress).

The change may be subtle at first. But, hang in there, and stay focused on the love.

Allow your love to be bigger than your aggravation (or your need to be right).

Allow your love to put the relationship first.

When you put the relationship first you experience the beautiful common ground of LOVE that we all share.

Over to you: I would love to hear from you. Are you in a relationship that could use a good dose of love? If so, are you willing to find the common ground of love?

Have you experienced allowing love to override your perception? If so, what happened?

Thank you for being here with me. It’s good to be back.

With deep love and appreciation,


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