She cries in defeat. I listen and envision love going from my heart to her heart.

And then I respond, “There is hope!”

I go on to say, “Your relationship with your son…can change. Grab hold of this hope I’m giving you and hold it close to your heart…because it’s the truth – there is HOPE!”

Friends, I know what it feels like to have my back against the wall.

But, I have found that my back-against-the-wall-feeling comes from – my mindset. And my back-against-the-wall-feeling won’t change until I change the way I look at it. (Until I change my mindset)

Lose your hope and you lose your power of choice:

To believe a situation is hopeless is to believe there’s no choice. To believe there’s no choice is to believe you are stuck with ________: (an unsatisfying relationship, a dead-end job, an unwanted location, a low income, an unhealthy body, etc. fill in the blank)

Dearest friend, if you’re feeling hopeless you’re buying the lie that you’re choice-less. This is not the truth!

In every situation you have choices, and you have the power to choose your choices:

If you will grab hold of the truth that you have choices and that you have the power to choose your choices, you will find your mindset moving away from thoughts of hopelessness to thoughts of hopefulness.

You can bring hope into any situation by resolving to focus on your choices.

If you can’t see any choices, call upon a friend, a mentor, a relative, your Creator, an angel, – don’t stop until you know what your choices are – therein lies your hope.

And hope is – a good 4 letter word!

Over to you: Is there a place in your life where you feel hopeless? What happens when you change your mindset and focus on your choices? What difference does knowing you have choices make in your life? Please feel free to comment in the comment section.

Thank you for being here with me.

I appreciate you.

In loving gratitude,


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