I am eager (and a bit timid) to share with you my calling-of-the-heart writings, which I was inspired to name – The Plain Truth.

My heart expands each time I sit down to write out these divine words: sometimes I am amazed, in a most delightful way, sometimes I am soothed, much like a baby being rocked, and sometimes I am blown away, by the power of the candid truth. (The candid truth part is what I am a bit timid about sharing.)

I truly never know, until the moment I breathe in deeply and listen soulfully, what Divine Wisdom will come through.

What I do know is that each Plain Truth message is divinely inspired and meant to be shared with the world.

I also know that each message brims with heart-opening, life-changing advice, and when listened to or read regularly, and adhered to – brings you to a Higher Chapter in your life…higher love, liberty, freedom, hope, joy, and connection.

Dearest friends, in heart-felt appreciation, I offer you as a gift the writings of my sacred heart – The Plain Truth.

You may listen to these Divine messages and/or read the written words. Once you register you will receive The Plain Truth weekly message or a monthly summarization, whichever you desire.

As you listen to the Plain Truth may you rejoice in who you are, and may you always live your Plain Truth.

With love and gratitude,


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You deserve to live a life of growth.

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