She says to me, “You have trouble with that!”

Her tone is harsh, and I recoil.

She continues, “You know the truth! Why do you let it bother you?”

OUCH! I want to defend myself. I want to explain that although I have trouble letting go of feeling responsible for my family (siblings), I’m learning to let go more every day. I want to explain how much better I am in the present than I was in the past.

But I recoil.

In the face of her tone, which feels like a put – down and lacks any sign of love or acceptance, there isn’t room for graceful growth. I hang up the phone feeling as if I’ve just been stung. For the whole of that afternoon, unease nibbles at me.

In the stillness of the night, I breathe deeply, I connect divinely, and I listen soulfully. As I fill myself with the transformative power of love I relax, and I understand that the tone she used with me is the tone she uses with herself. I also understand that where I’m at in my growth is perfect, because it will lead me to the next phase of my soulful growth.

My heart calms as I continue to breathe in love and settle into the truth.

Graceful Growth happens when we are embraced in the transformative power of love.

Try it…The next time you hear a harsh voice (yours or another’s) envision love filling you up by breathing love deeply into your heart, and experience the transformative power of love.

You’ll be glad you did!

Over to you: I would love to hear from you. How has the power of love made a difference in your life?
Thanks for being here with me.
I appreciate YOU!
In loving gratitude,
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