It seems apropos, since we’re celebrating our Independence, to share my joy of feeling FREE on a daily basis. Here’s how it started.

I began about a month ago, each morning before jumping out of bed, thinking about how I would spend my freedom day. Yep, I call each of my days…my freedom day.

You see, before I began perceiving each of my days as a day of freedom, I had been feeling imprisoned by things I felt I had to do. Nowadays, I wake up and immediately begin thinking about my freedom day. I smile and ask myself: How do I want to spend my freedom day today? Or…I’m so fortunate to have so much freedom…let’s see, today with my freedom day I will…

That feeling of being imprisoned by my things-to-do-list has vanished. (And I still have those things to do!)

With the liberation of being free coursing through my veins I greet each morning with a gracious heart and with eager anticipation. (I’m pretty much in awe at how different I feel.)

And all it took was a little tweaking. A few minutes a day luxuriating in the idea that I AM Free, (woo-hoo!), and I began feeling free.    

How about you: I would love to hear from you. Do you feel free? If not, you may want to begin each of your mornings with the thought and feeling of being free. Or maybe there is another quality you would like to have in your life. Anything goes…freedom, compassion, delight, peace. You can choose any quality you like to add to your life…all it takes is a little tweaking.

Happy Freedom Day!

Thank you so much for being here with me.

I appreciate YOU!

Bountiful Blessings,