Ducklings were born unto the world today at the Boysal home.

Basics first, my husband, in his wonderful way, gently and lovingly washed our adorable new-born duck. I googled how to take care of our duckling and we found the perfect container for our little friend. We dried our baby with a hair dryer. My mother instinct kicked in and I held our soft-furry baby close to my heart wrapped in doilies. Finally I laid her down in her new home, and within a couple of hours we had two more precious ducklings. Of course, with my mother instinct in high gear I had to check on them regularly (every 15 to 30 minutes) to make sure they were still breathing and to see if they might need more holding.

Although I had a well laid-out day, holding baby ducklings overrode everything that I deemed important. My heart desire took precedence over any of my head plans.

Today magic is in the air, and the magic sure isn’t due to any of my well-laid out plans! Obviously, there isn’t anything wrong with plans…unless those plans interfere with what the heart wants.

Our hearts want – what our hearts want!

Our hearts are – our gold mine of possibilities!

Possibilities, which if given the opportunity, reap soul satisfaction… (And maybe even a little magic)

Is there something your heart is wanting?

Listen closely – and you may just find – magic in the air!

How about you? Have you experienced your gold mine of possibilities?  Or have you allowed your head to override your heart?  I would love to hear from you in the comment section.

Thank you so much for giving me space in your heart.

In heartfelt appreciation,