A youngster, from my days of teaching pre-school, would pick up a magnet and pretend it was a microphone and sing as if his life depended on it. From the tip of his toes to the top of his head, his whole body sang, Elvira, his favorite song. Sometimes the other children would join him, but most of the time he sang alone. He didn’t care if anyone paid attention to his delightful self-expression.

He didn’t sing for accolades, he didn’t sing for approval. And the thought of someone’s disapproval didn’t cross his mind. He just sang for the pure pleasure of singing.

I wonder, all these years later, is he still whole-body-singing?

One of my favorite childhood gifts was a record player with a microphone. I would sing along with Donny Osmond, much like my youngster friend, in full self-expression.

And then…that full-singing-self-expression came to a halt in 7th grade. Our class was putting on a musical and I wanted so much to be a part of it, but I felt too afraid of my teacher to voice my desire to join. However, when one more person was needed I was elected to be in the try-out. I got voted in. I was ecstatic…until my teacher said, in front of everyone, “I said to vote for someone who has singing ability!”

Needless to say I ended up sick on the day of the musical.

How many of us shut down our self-expression due to someone’s disapproval, or fear of someone’s disapproval?

Our self expression comprises who we are; it’s our individuality…our talents, our style, our uniqueness.

Our self-expression is our blessing to ourselves and to the world.

To see our self-expression as anything other than a blessing (or to allow another’s opinion to alter our expression) is to limit who we are. When we limit our self expression we withhold our blessing.

Take a moment to check if you are withholding the blessing that you are:

  • Are you holding yourself back from an opportunity?
  • Do you narrowly define who you are and your capabilities?
  • Do you put your desires on the backburner?
  • Do you accept things (situations, etc.) that don’t honor you?
  • Do you stay stuck because you’re afraid of someone’s disapproval?

If you feel you are not fully honoring your self-expression take a deep breath and ask yourself,

“What is the most loving way I can fully express the blessing that I AM?”  

Our self-expression is our blessing. Let’s delight in it!!

Over to you:

I would love to hear from you.

How do you fully express the blessing that you are?


Do you feel you do not fully express the blessing that you are? If so, what can you do to honor the blessing that you are?

Thanks for being here with me.

I appreciate the blessing that you are.

In loving gratitude,


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