While reading Dr. Kelly Flanagan’s post – Home is Where the Grace Is – tears spill down my face. His insightful, penetrating words “Home happens at the end, when our bodies our failing us but the love surrounding doesn’t,” ring loudly and transport me back to another time.

My frail Mother’s last words echo within me, “Come home, come home.”

On the plane I pray: Please God, see that I get home in time to say good-bye to my Mother. I need to say good-bye and she needs to know I’ve come home.  By the Grace of God, I made it home in time to say my good-byes to my Mom.    

Fast forward to 10 months later

I get off the plane, my first visit since my Mother’s passing, eager to get my rental and settle in at my niece’s. While walking (close to a run) I turn and spot a woman crying (One of those deep from the soul cries). In that moment I completely forget about my need to get settled. I walk to her and time seems to stop, everything feels surreal.  Her head down, heaving gut-wrenching tears, I put my hand on her back. In whisper like fashion, I say, “I’m here for you.”

She looks up and I repeat, “I’m here for you.”

She holds up her phone and stammering between tears, says, “My Mom died. I didn’t make it in time.”

I sit down next to her, pull her toward me and hold her while she sobs big tears.

Minutes pass…she looks up and she says, “My brother will be here soon.”

I nod. She stares at me as if she isn’t there…empty like. When I feel her come back, I take her hands and in a soft feathery tone, I say, “It’s no accident that I’m here. I understand. You see my mother died earlier this year, and I’m here to visit my father…he isn’t doing well.”

She nods. We sit there holding hands without words. Several minutes later I say, “I help people, I help them connect with their deceased loved ones. When you are ready I will help you to connect with your mom.”

She looks at me and I see a glint of hope in her eyes. I continue, “My name is Gloria. You can reach me through my website, Gloria’s connecting. You will remember, and when you are ready I will gift you with a connecting session, so you can be with your Mom.”

Our eyes are locked, as if we are alone instead of in a busy airport, she hugs me and says, “Thank you.”

I reply, “You are welcome.” I then repeat, “When you are ready, I will be here for you.”

She nods. I smile warmly and walk away.

The surreal fog lifts and I’m once again in a busy airport. As I turn the corner I stop dead in my tracks and say out-loud, “What the heck just happened?”

A couple of people look at me as they hurry by.  I stand in frozen stupor. As tears flow, I hear myself say, “A blessing, it was a blessing! It was Grace.”

My stranger-friend may have been in an airport but she was not alone.

To quote Dr. Kelly Flanagan, “Home is a moment in which Grace happens to us.”

I am so grateful to be a part of that moment of Grace.

How about you? When have you been graced? Have you ever been graced by a stranger?  Have you had a moment of grace? I would love to hear from you, please comment in the comment section.

Thank you for being here with me. I truly appreciate YOU!

In loving gratitude,


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