I understand that my work is life-transforming and soulful, yet my heart is craving to make changes. I’m fueled with a desire to streamline my business.

To shine clarity, I pray/meditate and ask…Where shall I focus my act of service (my business)?

The answer comes in the word relationship followed with the phrase relationship is the cornerstone of life.

WOW! I love it! Relationships, yes, perfect alignment!!  

Pulse beating excitement…and then…the reality hits.

I don’t know what to do! (Have you ever felt you didn’t know what to do?)

My thoughts crowd my mind – where to begin, what will be of the highest service, should I start with a call, or class, or weekend workshop?

What directions will best serve – relationship with Self, Divine, partner, family, deceased loved ones, nature? And I certainly don’t want to leave out relationships with everything else – our bodies, thoughts, money, talents, emotions, etc.

What about all the work I’ve created filling my cabinets – classes, trainings, Divine messages, uncompleted programs, books, prayers, poems, and more! Am I to create a soulful formula, and if so, do I begin with what I’ve already created, or do I start with something entirely new?

Whew! So much I don’t know.

I ask myself, what do I know? (A good question to ask ourselves…)

I know I am to heed the call of my inner prompting and understand by doing so…the greatest good of all will benefit.

I know that the journey is as important as the destination and I AM to lovingly move forward. (See previous post)

I know that I don’t have to know.  (What a relief!)

I know the not-knowing creates a vacuum.

Ever hear that nature abhors a vacuum?

As much as I believe in the theory, my pragmatic self has to ask, how do I not-know and get it done?

The answer resonates inside of me loud and clear:

It gets done, whatever it is, when you show up in the present moment and follow your hunches.  

A maxim comes to mind: Life by the yard is hard; inch by inch it’s a cinch.

I laugh at the simple truth.

Got it…my whirlwind of questions will get answered, and my streamlined business will get created, (I like things to get done) when I allow myself to be PRESENT moment to moment to my hunches.

My day to day working blueprint: show up, breathe deeply, and follow.

I KNOW I can do that!

We can all do that! Show up, breathe deeply and follow.

I would love to hear from you.

What do you do when you don’t know?

Have you ever tried showing up and just following your hunches?

If so, what happened?

Thanks for your time. I appreciate YOU!

In loving gratitude,



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