Deep in meditation I was gifted with this Truth: Anytime you have doubt, fear, worry, or any thought or feeling that diminishes you …you are allowing fear to override your love.

The truthfulness of this simple yet profound proclamation poured through every fiber of my being, much like sunshine spilling over me.

I had an understanding that I was being graced with a saturation of love to fully get this Truth.

My heart lit up and the old Beatles song ran through my mind – All you need is Love, Love, Love is all you need.

As my heart absorbed the gift of love, my mind reeled – WOW! Anytime I am in fear I am not in Love!

In those precious meditative moments, being in love and not in fear felt as simple as breathing.

If only…we could turn on the love and turn off the fear as easily as turning on and off a switch.

Being in love and not being in fear may not be as simple as turning a switch on and off. But…

Instead of berating ourselves for our fears, instead of running from our fears, instead of attacking our fears (with a strong-arm)…

We can choose to not allow our fears to override our love, by facing our fears with love.

If a child came to you with a fear, how would you help that child through his/her fear? With love…right?

A simple way to face our fears with love is to ask ourselves – If I were my child (or a child you love) how would I treat myself? What would I say if I were my child? What would I do for my child?

Treat, say, and do for yourself…as you would your child.

Be as loving with yourself and your fear, as you would your child in his/her fear.

All YOU need is Love!

In loving gratitude,


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Thank you for your time. I appreciate YOU!



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