Ever feel like you desperately want a life change (you may even be barbed with pain) yet, right when you’re at the brink of making a major break-through, the brakes come on.

Why the brakes?

It’s because your old identity beliefs take over.

Those hideous beliefs that run your life…if allowed.

I’m not enough, I’m unworthy, I’m unlovable, I’m unacceptable.

I can’t cope, I can’t change, I can’t imagine being different.

I shouldn’t be different, or I shouldn’t be too______, (fill in the blank)

Or, I should be___________.

Most of us, at one time or another, (or maybe at this time) have regarded one or more of the above mentioned beliefs as the truth of who we are.

Any belief that short-changes our character is a belief to cut-loose.

I know it’s scary to cut loose from who we’ve believed ourselves to be and to make the space for who we really are, or can be.

Sometimes it seems easier to just give up and continue being the way we have always been.

But at what cost…?

The cost of our well-being, our sanity, our health, our future, our heart!

We can create new identities, identities that uplift and sustain our greatness. We deserve (we are born deserving) to let off the brakes.

We can, with loving self-compassion, cut loose from those painful, limiting beliefs.

Cut Loose with Loving Self-Compassion:

  • Become aware of when you speak, think, talk, feel…less than who you are or want to be.
  • Face your belief with baby-like gentleness. Oh there you are again. Thank you, I understand you are trying to protect me.
  • Now tell yourself the truth in your words. For example, this belief is not the truth of who I am. I AM enough, in fact, I AM more than enough.
  • Breathe in deeply the essence of self-compassion. You may give self-compassion a color and breathe it through your body. Feel it going directly into your belief.
  • Shower yourself with gratitude for doing the best you could, and choosing the loving self-compassionate way through your untrue belief.

 Over to you:

Are you holding onto painful, limiting beliefs? What would happen if you were to cut those beliefs loose?

I would love to hear from you. How does being self-compassionate change your life?

Thanks so much for your time.

I appreciate YOU!

Love and aloha,


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